• A feature comedy about a small Aussie town’s only metal band that summons Satan - unknowingly derailing the Devil’s plans for Armageddon - and have just 18 hours to get him to the end of the world on time. The Devil’s in the Details is a fiendishly funny apocalyptic satire...
  • Faker is a YA supernatural thriller about an inhibited teenage girl who is stalked by a shape-shifting killer that can take on the form of anybody it touches. It's a nail-biting, grounded, premium drama series (6 x 1 hour) about suppressing your true nature in a bid to conform to...
  • A comedy series about a naïve government worker who tries her best to help a family of alien refugees fit into their new lives in Australia. Newcomers is a dynamic, biting satire of asylum-seeker policy, intolerance, and Aussie identity.  A fresh, cosmic spin on the fish-out-of-water fable, this timely short-form...
  • A big-screen comedy about a straight-laced lawyer who fakes her best friend’s funeral to try to save her from a psychopathic drug dealer. Good Grief is a broad-appeal comedy with a big heart. It is unashamedly commercial, with its theme of self-empowerment, combined with a heart-warming buddy story and a poignant romance....
Sucked In
A feature rom-com about a selfish guy who gets sucked into his ex-girlfriend’s diary and must relive their relationship through her romantic eyes. Screenplay selected for development at the prestigious eQuinoxe international script lab in Paris.
Man Enough
An 8-part dramedy series about a divorced woman who struggles to lead a men’s group, while her life falls apart. A fish-out-of-water tale about modern relationships, intimacy and taking charge of our lives, for 25+ women and the men who infuriate them.
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