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A comedy series about a naïve government worker who tries her best to help a family of alien refugees fit into their new lives in Australia.

Newcomers is a dynamic, biting satire of asylum-seeker policy, intolerance, and Aussie identity.  A fresh, cosmic spin on the fish-out-of-water fable, this timely short-form series has heart and something to say.  

It’s 10 years since friendly aliens (‘Aquarians’) first fled their doomed planet, migrating to ours.  Most nations took in thousands of these outsiders, including Australia, but initial shock and awe has given way to indifference and casual intolerance.  Back to normal, really.

When well-meaning but inept liaison officer (and alien sympathiser) Yvette Meekins is assigned to an alien family, she thinks all her third encounters have come at once. Seekia, the forthright alien mum, agrees for her family to be model aliens in a media campaign for the Department of Non-Human Services.

However, in return, Yvette inadvertently promises to release Seekia’s father from detention. Forced to agree to the pact, Yvette’s boss stakes her job on her new-found alien friends’ behaviour. Over six dynamic episodes, alien and human must work together to try to fix any alien screw-ups, and ensure the bureaucrats keep their word.

Featuring a diverse human cast and relatable 3D motion-capture aliens, Newcomers is an entertaining, edgy show about finding our place in the world.